Industrial Refrigeration Engineering

Midland Industrial Services LLC.


What We Do

The Refrigeration Engineering team provides a variety of professional services. We offer AutoCAD drafting, system design, energy efficiency consultations and P&ID updates.


We deliver professional level drawings in AutoCAD to meet current IIAR standards:

· New Construction Drawings

· P&ID Redlining

· Updating P&ID’s

· Isometric and 2D drawings

Engineering Design

We deliver high quality and efficient designs to meet the refrigeration needs of our clients:

· Ammonia Refrigeration System Design

· New Construction Designs

· Secondary Refrigeration Design (Glycol, Brine, and Injectors)

· System Renovations

· Relief System Design

· Boiler Piping Designs

· Mass Energy Balance Calculations

· Engine Room Ventilation Design

· Ammonia Inventory Calculations

System Energy Evaluation and Training

We deliver professional evaluations of ammonia refrigeration systems to improve efficiency and increase savings for our clients:

· General Refrigeration System Evaluations

· Efficiency Evaluations

· Operator Efficiency Training

Inspections, Rebuilds and Replacements

  • Pump Rebuilds

  • Seal Replacement

  • Valve Rebuild 

  • Compressor Rebuild - Removal, Pick-up, Rebuild, Delivery

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Compressor Panel Repairs

  • Level 1 Refrigeration Inspections

Engineering's Schedule